Thank You

After over four years of dedicated service, PrimoSpot, Inc. is closing up shop.

Our founders started out with a simple goal: making urban parking simpler. We feel like we have succeeded in doing just that. In partnership with the City of New York and other transportation agencies, we've worked to get city parking information more available and accessible to end users and developers.

In the time we have been running PrimoSpot, we believe the landscape and technology has changed for the better. Transportation agencies and governments have moved to a more open data model, and there are now several free web sites and apps that provide access to parking information in many major cities.

Regretfully, we cannot continue to provide this service, but hopefully our accomplishments to date will make it easier for others to continue this evolution.

We would like to thank everyone for your business and support, and tell you how much we have enjoyed hearing from our passionate customers and learning right along with you. We would like to also thank the City of New York DOT for their work in this project, and Apple for putting such a big spotlight on our little startup company.

Sincerely, the PrimoSpot crew:

Mike H - CEO and Founder
Jeremy S - CTO / Partner / Investor
David S - Lead Creative and Product Manager
Nicole M - Marketing / Sales / Business Strategy
Mike C - Developer, consultant, and all around ass-kicker
Sammy S - Sales / Investor
Joshua K - Data Manager / Customer Service Manager
... and many, many others

October 14, 2013